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In July every year we start to get phone calls in regards to bats in the house. While having a bat get into the living space of your home can be a very unnerving and scary situation, the key is not to panic and keep an eye on the bat. While watching the bat, do your best not to disturb the bat and call Alpha Wildlife as soon as possible.

Once we arrive, Alpha Wildlife will humanely remove the bat, then search the interior of the house to make sure that there isn’t anymore. Once we ensure there isn’t any other bats in the house, we will inspect the attic space and crawl space to see if there is an issue. Look closely at the picture below and find the bat. This is a perfect example the tight spacing that bats can fit into.

Bat Removal - Alpha Wildlife Nashville

While the bat in the house is the immediate problem, it is important to find the underlying issue that caused the bat to get into the house. Are there bats in the attic, bats in the soffit, do you have a bat infestation, or did you simply leave a door open? These are all questions we need to find an answer too. Once we have diagnosed the problem, Alpha Wildlife can work on the solution to keeping the bats out of the house. Visit us at Alpha Wildlife Nashville to set up a free assessment if you believe you have a bat issue.

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