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Nashville Skunk Behavior

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Skunk Behavior In Nashville, TN

Most people try to avoid any up-close encounters with skunks. They have a distinct look, as well as a recognizable vile odor that is not soon forgotten! Unfortunately, skunks have been well adapted to the urban life in the Nashville TN area.

Skunks generally eat anything – from plants to berries and bugs, to rodents, reptiles, pet food and trash. Pretty much anything edible in your yard serves as a great food source for them. Skunks also love to invade gardens and chicken yards. Often skunks will dig dens right next to your home or commercial building on your property, which makes them a nuisance that you definitely will want removed.

Skunks are difficult to trap as they are very smart and alert creatures who are shy and spray anything that makes them feel threatened. As our professional skunk trappers begin their skunk relocating efforts, always check to see if they have babies in the area. People describe baby skunk noises as having a shrieking sound.

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    Pungent skunk odor is a reason to call a professional for skunk removal on your property. Alpha Wildlife offers skunk removal, skunk control, skunk removal from yards, getting rid of skunks under decks or porches, crawlspaces, and any other places that skunks invade and make their home. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no effective or registered skunk repellents on the market.

    Alpha Wildlife offers dead skunk removal services and deodorization. Leaving a dead skunk in your yard will probably make the problem worse as it will attract other animals, insects, and parasites.

    Skunks Carry Diseases

    Besides their foul odor, you want skunks away from your home or property because they come with diseases.  Learn more about diseases skunks can carry. Any of these diseases can be transmitted to humans as well as your pets. Get all pets vaccinated against these harmful and fatal diseases as soon as possible. Alpha Wildlife’s professionally trained skunk removers have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get rid of skunk odor quickly.

    Why Are Skunks in Your Yard?

    Either they are looking for a place to create a den, or they’re looking for a safe place to give birth.

    Don’t Let Skunks Take Over Your Nashville Area Home!

    Make sure to choose the Nashville skunk removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about skunk removal and prevention in the Nashville TN area, follow us on  Facebook  or  YouTube or call us at  (615) 434-5331.

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