Raccoon Infestation

Raccoon Removal in Nashville, Tn is a major issue for the residents in Nashville. The midstate is the perfect conditions for raccoons to survive and thrive. Raccoons are able to do so because of the mild climate and the amount of trees in the city. Due to these conditions, raccoons inevitably make it into your attic.

Raccoon Removal Nashville - Alpha Wildlife Nashville
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Small raccoon issues start with one small gap that a single raccoon turns into a larger hole. Once raccoons are in the attic, they make quick work to set up a home. Depending on the time of year and the sex of the raccoon, your home may turn into a breeding ground for raccoons to support their families. If raccoons are in the attic for a long period of time, the problem can turn into a raccoon infestation.

Once you hit raccoon infestation level, the damage can be severe and happen very quickly. Raccoons can rip through duct lines, destroy insulation and dry wall, cause plumbing and hvac issues, etc. While some insurance companies will cover the clean up and main entry hole seal, some will not. Alpha Wildlife works with most insurance companies to assist in getting the approval from the insurance company.

Call Alpha Wildlife before the raccoon issue turns into a full blown raccoon infestation. Every wildlife technician is nationally trained and certified to handle any raccoon removal issue that you have. Call us for a free quote or visit us at Alpha Wildlife Nashville

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