Raccoons in the Attic - Alpha Wildlife Nashville

Raccoons in the Attic – Alpha Wildlife Nashville

Raccoons in the Attic are a massive problem in Nashville, TN. The entire mid-state is covered in trees and has the perfect climate for raccoons to thrive. It is my personal opinion that raccoons love pine trees. Just based on experience, pine trees seem to be a favorite tree for raccoons to live in. Raccoon Removal is one of the top three wildlife removal services in Nashville.

As raccoons move around searching for food or shelter, they may be attracted to a home that already has a scent trail from Rats, Mice, Squirrels, etc. If you already have one of these animals in your attic or crawl space, then you may soon have raccoons in the attic as well. Once raccoons have established themselves in the attic, it can be a nightmare for the homeowner to have them removed, as well as keep other raccoons out of the attic.

Most calls that we get for raccoon removal comes from a homeowner that describes raccoon in the attic as the sound of a human walking in the attic. When we inspect the attic, we will find massive trails, matted insulation, dog like feces, etc. Call us today for a free assessment or visit us at Alpha Wildlife Nashville


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