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Raccoons in the soffit is a main area where raccoons will make their nesting area as well as using the soffit to move around the house freely. There isn’t typically insulation in the soffit area, which in turn, makes it hard for raccoons to move in the attic without being noticed.

All the noise and destruction of raccoons in the soffit is maddening sometimes for our customers. A twenty pound raccoon can make the home owner think that there is a human in the attic. We have had local law enforcement call us after they checked a home, looking for a break in, just to find a raccoon in the house or in the attic.

So, if you have a raccoon in the soffit, what do you need to do then? First thing is to call Alpha Wildlife Nashville to set up a free inspection. Once we verify the species of the animal, Alpha Wildlife can set traps for the raccoons. Once all raccoons are caught, we can seal the house to make sure the raccoons can not get back in. If there is any clean up that needs to be done, then Alpha Wildlife can do that as well. We will do our very best to get your house back to normal as quick as possible.

Raccoon Removal - Alpha Wildlife Nashville

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