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Skunk Removal in Nashville, TN

We are here to help! Our expert team will remove skunks from your Nashville property, including duct lines, HVAC lines, and crawlspaces. We also take care of the damage caused by skunks, including duct repairs. Call us today and let our Nashville skunk removal experts take care of the problem for you!

With years of experience dealing with skunks and knowing how they operate, our crew will kick them out of your crawlspace. We’ll also give you tips on keeping unwanted visits at bay and, most importantly, getting your home back to its usual self.

If you catch a whiff of a stinky skunk or any critter smell in your home or HVAC system, we’ll get rid of it fast and safe for you. Feel free to call us for expert and friendly assistance with skunk removal problems in the Nashville Metro!!

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    Signs of Skunks Under Your Home

    Being able to determine if there is a skunk in your crawlspace is crucial for quick and effective skunk removal. Before getting rid of the skunks, you must know that there is a problem. Some common signs include:

    • Odor: The pungent skunk odor is usually the first sign. Skunks will release a foul spray as a defense mechanism, and the smell will permeate through the crawlspace and even your home.
    • Droppings: Skunk droppings resemble those of domestic cats but are slightly larger. They scatter throughout the crawlspace, but usually along the walls. Finding droppings near the crawlspace entrance or inside the space itself is a clear indication that skunks have paid a visit.
    • Digging and Burrows: Skunks are excellent diggers. If you notice burrows or holes around the foundation of your home, it may be an indication that skunks have taken residence. They will typically dig around the A/C unit and crawlspace door.
    • Nocturnal Noises: Skunks are nocturnal animals, Listen for running, scratching, or other sounds in the crawlspace. Learn how to spot skunk damage.


    Identify Skunk Damage

    Holding a Striped Juvenile Skunk

    People admire skunks for their black and white look and interesting actions, but when skunks enter crawl spaces, they can harm houses. Homeowners deal with skunk removal issues like structural problems and health concerns, and they gotta tackle them fast. Here we will explain how skunks can harm your house and how to prevent it. We also discuss the importance of removing skunks in Nashville.

    • Structural Damage:

    One obvious worry when dealing with skunks under the house is that they might mess up the structure. Skunks are skilled diggers, and they may create burrows or dens under homes, decks, crawl spaces, or other structures. A major concern when you’ve got skunks under the house is the risk of them messing with the structure.

    The digging around the foundation can make the ground weaker, causing more problems. Removing the skunks, and possible baby skunks, from under the house is imperative to maintaining the home.  

    Skunks live in crawl spaces and actively seek shelter beneath homes, potentially causing damage to insulation, wiring, and plumbing. They might chew through stuff to make cozy nests, messing up the home’s structure even more. If you do not remove skunks, their droppings and urine can cause mold, rotting wood, and decay. All the while, the odor is permeating through your house.

    • Odor Issues

    Skunks spray their stink as a defense move, making them pretty well-known. When threatened, skunks release a foul-smelling liquid from their anal glands that can linger for an extended period. When a skunk sprays the rotten eggs smell, near or under your home, the smell can spread inside and become difficult to eliminate.

    Even after removing the skunk from under the home, the rotten egg odor becomes overwhelming. While the skunks are under the house, you can’t eliminate the skunks smell. To get rid of the skunk smell, you must eliminate the skunk issue.

    For example, during mating season a female skunk will make a den under your home. If the female skunk denies the male suitors advances, she will spray him, forcing him leave the crawl space. The “rotten egg” smelliness of your home is a by product of the rejected male.

    The strong and persistent skunk odor is not only unpleasant but can also impact the indoor air quality. Many customers have complained that they can smell it in their furniture and clothes for weeks after the skunks have sprayed. Sometimes, you will have to switch out the insulation and vapor barrier to get rid of the skunk smell.

    Getting rid of skunk odor requires thorough cleaning and deodorizing processes to ensure that the smell doesn’t linger. Some like cups of baking soda, tomato juice, bowls of vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide, but that doesn’t work well. Call Alpha Wildlife Nashville for skunk removal before the problem gets worse. 

    • Garden and Lawn Damage

    Skunks are omnivores, and their diet includes insects, small animals, fruits, bird feeders and vegetables. Skunks may dig up lawns and gardens in search of insects, grubs, and plant roots. This can result in large holes and damage the flower beds.

    • Health Risks

    Skunks live in the wild and are helpful, but you must remove them if they get under your house. Sometimes, you might have to swap out the insulation and vapor barrier to get your home back to its usual self. The TWRA reports that Distemper is common and they have diagnosed some striped skunks with rabies in Tennessee.

    While rare, skunks can transmit diseases such as rabies, which can be fatal if not treated promptly. Skunks may also carry a multitude of bugs and parasites, such as, fleas, ticks, and mites. Which can infest the home and pose additional health concerns.

    In addition, the bad smell of rotten eggs is not the only problem. Skunk droppings around the house can cause bacteria and fungi to grow. When the amount of skunk feces gets large enough, it is important to have it the removed as well as the skunk. Skunk poop can make people sick, especially if there are a lot of skunks and nobody notices for a long time.

    While the skunk feces and urine is harmful to us, skunks live in it everyday. Getting rid of the skunks is much safer than living with the skunk problem. The skunk prevention will keep them out of your crawlspace for good. 

    • Attracting Other Wildlife

    Skunks are active at night so when they hang out under the house, they might draw in other critters looking for a cozy spot or a good meal. For example, the scent of skunks or the burrows they create may attract raccoons, opossums, and rodents. Most of the time the skunk will scare off other animals, the scent will still bring other animals residence.

    Understanding Skunk Removal in the Crawlspace

    Skunks can live in different places like under your house, in the crawlspace, under the deck, or in your flowerbed. Skunks often choose crawl spaces under houses as a safe and secluded spot to live and have their babies. Unfortunately, the presence of skunks in the crawlspace can pose risks to both you and the skunks. Getting rid of the skunk problem is where we come in. 

    Skunk Insulation Damage

    Having skunks in the crawlspace can be a pungent and challenging situation to deal with. Skunk smell can stick to clothes, furniture, insulation, and other items.

    Skunks are nocturnal animals that hide in dark and quiet places during the day. They may enter your crawlspace for shelter and protection. When cornered, they can spray a pungent odor that can linger for days.

    Skunks may be timid, but when they find themselves backed into a corner, they will spray, bite, or scratch you. Contacting a professional wildlife removal service is best. Skunks will be able to safely and humanely remove the skunks from your crawlspace.

    To prevent future skunk problems, first remove the skunks. Then, fix any damage they caused. Finally, seal holes, cracks, and use skunk-proof barriers.

    Skunk Trapping and Removal

    When dealing with a skunk den, it is important to think about the skunks’ health and the mother’s protective behavior. If you see skunks on your Nashville property, it’s best to get help from professionals. They can trap, remove, and prevent them effectively.

    Skunk Active Season

    Mating season is one of the only other times when skunks tend to socialize. Usually, skunks have litters of 1-7 in late April through early June in the greater Nashville area. Skunks are black and white with strong forefeet and long nails, which make them excellent diggers.

    Skunks, being creatures of the night, often make sounds like running, scratching, and other noises in the crawlspace. They dig holes in lawns, gardens and golf courses in search of food like grubs and earthworms. If there’s no other place to enter, skunks might even dig under buildings through foundation gaps.

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    3. Repair

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