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Squirrels in the Soffit Hermitage

If you hear a loud scurrying and running in your attic in the early morning, then you may have  squirrels in your soffit. Squirrel movements are primarily first thing in the morning and just before sunset. They will use the soffits to move around your home to get to an entry point or and exit point. If Squirrels are in your Soffits, they are most likely in your attic and insulation as well. Squirrels can also use your soffits to get to your soffit vents, roofline, or eave gaps. Once they get to these areas squirrels will chew to make a hole, to go back and forth. Call Alpha Wildlife Nashville at the first sign of a squirrel in the soffit of your Hermitage home. 

Squirrels in the Soffit Hermitage | Squirrel Infestations

Squirrel Removal In tennessee

If you leave remnants of squirrels in your attic, such as droppings, urine, nesting material, food, hair, etc., these things can attract insects like roaches. Most importantly, the scent left behind often attract new squirrels to chew or break their way into your home once again. Mold can also grow on the areas in your attic with feces and urine and potentially cause respiratory infections and diseases that are easily spreadable.


Squirrels Entering Your Home

If squirrels find any entry points into your home, they can get into your attic without any difficulties. They can squeeze into very small holes that seem too tiny for them. Squirrels can also be on your roof or soffit because they’re on their way in or out of your attic as they leave their nest several times a day in search for food. This is usually an indicator of a squirrel trying to care for its family somewhere in your home.

Sometimes their habitat gets damaged and the wintery environment forces them to look for warmth and safety in a building or your home. Squirrels do tear up the dormers that meet the roofline of your home and get access to your attic. Their front teeth constantly grow, so to combat that and keep their teeth sharp, they chew, chew and chew – all day long!


Squirrels in the Soffit Hermitage | Common Problems 

Since squirrels are rodents that have front teeth that continue to grow, they constantly chew to keep their teeth sharp and manageable. Some of the most common squirrel problems in attics we’ve seen are:

  • Chewing into attics and setting up nests
  • Fires or fire risks from chewed electrical wiring and electrical fixtures in attic which case sparks (fire hazards) or destruction of other electronics
  • Destroyed insulation (by pushing it down), which will reduce your R-factor
  • Strong odor of fecal matter and urine collected in attic insulation
  • Dead squirrels in attic, with bad odor problems;
  • Drywall damage caused by squirrels digging holes in ceiling
  • Chewed on support beams, HVAC duct lines, pipes and roof braces

Squirrel Removal Hermitage | Alpha Wildlife

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