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Squirrel in the Chimney | Mount Juliet

Have you seen or heard a squirrel in the chimney of your Mount , TN home? Has there been a revolting smell coming from the chimney of your home that you’ve noticed? If so, your Mount Juliet home may be affected by an infestation of squirrels.

Firstly, attempting to remove a squirrel in the chimney of your home yourself can prove to be a difficult task because they often locate themselves in hard-to-reach areas. Secondly, squirrels are susceptible to carrying parasites, such as ticks and fleas which could potentially make their way into the living space of your home. To remove the squirrel in the chimney from your Mount Juliet residence it’s best to call the squirrel exclusion specialists of Alpha Wildlife Nashville.

Our professional squirrel removal services will safely, humanely, and permanently get rid of the squirrels in the chimney of your Mount Juliet residence. Firstly, by observing where the squirrels may be coming in the home. Secondly,  visually inspecting where they are located in your home or attic. Call Alpha Wildlife Nashville today to get a free estimate

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    Squirrel in the Chimney Mount Juliet | Squirrel Movements

    Squirrel Removal Nashville

    The First signs that people will generally experience with squirrels, is a quick running or scurrying in your attic, just as the sun rises. This noise will generally continue for a few hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon, just before the sun sets. Most squirrels will typically sleep in your attic at night, because your attic has become their new home. Squirrels will normally chew a baseball size hole in your Soffits, Roofline, Eaves, etc. Once inside, they chew electrical wires, create insulation damage, and contaminate your attic and home with their feces and urine.

    Squirrel in the Chimney Mount Juliet | Squirrel Diseases

    It is possible for squirrels to carry parasites such as fleas, ticks, and more. Which will make squirrels potential carriers for diseases. They will leave lots of droppings in your home, which can expose you to health risks such as leptospirosis or salmonella.

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    Squirrel Removal Mount Juliet | Alpha Wildlife

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