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Squirrels In Your Home / Crawl Space

Nashville, TN

Squirrels are fast climbers and can easily squeeze through small gaps in broken vents or soffits and get into your home. In no time, squirrels can easily cause a lot of damage in your home.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost In Nashville

There is no way to effectively give squirrel removal pricing over the phone. The size of your home determines the pricing. The process involves inspecting the home for any entry points, setting up traps, sealing the entry hole or holes, cleanup and sanitation (if necessary) and repairs to the damage they have caused.

Common Problems Caused By Squirrels In Homes

Squirrels are rodents and their front teeth continue to grow. To combat this, they constantly gnaw and chew to keep their teeth sharp and manageable. Some of the most common squirrel problems we’ve seen are:

  • Chewing into attics and setting up nests
  • Fires or fire risks from chewed electrical wiring and electrical fixtures in attic
  • Destroyed insulation (by pushing it down), which will reduce your R-factor
  • Strong odor of fecal matter and urine collected in attic insulation
  • Drywall damage caused by squirrels digging holes in ceiling
  • Dead squirrels inside walls of homes or chimneys, with bad odor problems
  • Squirrels living in chimneys
  • Concern about sick or aggressive squirrels in home or on property
  • Chewed on support beams, HVAC duct lines, pipes and roof braces
  • Chewing on wood of homes, sheds, porches, etc.

Why Squirrels Enter Your Home

Sometimes squirrels come into your home because they’re looking for a secure, warm place to give birth, and other times they get into your home by accident. If you have a squirrel ‘inside’ your home, close the door to that room, and if possible, open a window if there is one. Squirrels can be destructive, so if possible, lead it out of your home. If that doesn’t work, call a wildlife removal specialist.

If you hear scurrying in your home walls or crawlspace, or chirping and scratching, call your Nashville animal removal specialists as soon as possible. Our team is licensed and trained and will provide professional services with excellent customer serviceI

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