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Bats in the House – News

Bats in the House – Alpha Wildlife Nashville In July every year we start to get phone calls in regards to bats in the house. While having a bat get into the living space of your home can be a very unnerving and scary situation, the key is not to panic and keep an eye […]

Bats in the Attic News

Bats in the Attic – Alpha Wildlife Nashville The Bat population has in Tennessee has exploded as the bats are bouncing back from the effects of white nose syndrome. While that is great for the environment, that also means that the residents of Nashville are far more susceptible to getting bats in the attic. After […]

Bats in the Soffit – News

Bats in the Soffit Alpha Wildlife finds bats in many different areas on a home, including bats in the soffit. Once bats get into your soffit, they can make an unbelievable mess. A lot of times we will not be able to see them until they are actively coming out of your home or if […]